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Jul 22

Kitchen Remodel

Kevin Kahl Construction Specializing in kitchen and home remodeling. Kevin Kahl Construction has doing exceptional work in Oregon since 1990. Please call 503-380-7152 And get your estimate today.

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Jun 18

Kevin Kahl Constructions-3

In the last blog, I have differentiated two of the most interchanged words in the construction world, which are remodel and renovate. I have explained both as to what ‘Kevin Kahl Constructions’ as a design and build professional company think. In this blog, I’ll present a little insight on sun decks which is something that … Continue reading “Kevin Kahl Constructions-3”

Apr 18

Kevin Kahl Construction

Kevin Kahl Construction is one of the pioneers in the construction business around Portland and adjoining areas. We have been constantly meeting our customer’s expectations since 1990. In the last 33 years we have successfully completed more projects in comparison to other players in the same field. We have a dedicated team of engineers, supervisors … Continue reading “Kevin Kahl Construction”

Apr 18

Remodeling and Renovation

Earlier I have talked about the various aspects of remodeling. A little bit about the company and its services. I also presented overviews of kitchen and bathroom remodeling like the way these changes are carried out both technically, visually and physically. In this blog I’ll talk about another area of specialty of my company which … Continue reading “Remodeling and Renovation”

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May 17

The Best Portland Kitchen Solutions

Your total satisfaction is the focus for kevin kahl construction. Around Portland, this organization translates to high quality. Kitchen projects could fully change the property’s looks. The appearances of homes throughout Portland were enhanced by kitchen tasks. Nothing will support your household remodeling like hiring kitchen remodeling contractors. Getting kitchen remodeling contractors will make an … Continue reading “The Best Portland Kitchen Solutions”

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May 17

Additional Information About Kevin Kahl Construction

Every one of the personnel at this firm are incredibly customer-focused. Kevin Kahl Construction’s kitchen renovation contractors have undertaken kitchen all through the Portland, Oregon region. A flawlessly worthwhile household renovation near Portland is consistently going to require a kitchen remodelling contractor. Households in Portland have benefited substantially through kitchen projects by Kevin Kahl Construction. … Continue reading “Additional Information About Kevin Kahl Construction”